30 September 2011

"Aquistas", Exibition in the Azores

J was invited to do a solo exibition in Academia das Artes of S. Miguel, Azores. The drawings were shown in a beautiful setting: and old church in the center of town. They were amazing.

25 September 2011

Urban Sketching and tea at Muchaxo

After hours sketching on the streets I picked up J and drove to Muchaxo, a place I love. When I was little, I would go there with my grandmother for tea and cakes! The place hasn't changed much since then. Even the smell of old fireplace mixed with sea water is the same.

15 September 2011

Recently enjoyed things

1 - J's birthday and a surprise present
2 - Walking in the city having photo shooting lessons
3 - Kids adding stickers to the city walls (on a soon to be demolished building)
4 - Stickers composition
5 - Light clouds on a bright blue sky
6 - Crossing the tunnel in S. Martinho, to see the sea
7 - Picking up new pebbles on the beach

10 September 2011

Remebering the summer holidays...

Seems like an eternity has gone by since we returned from Ria Formosa, 15 days ago. Miss the warm sand, the orange sunsets and the smell of the green vegetation.

5 September 2011

Mia: A new furry friend

Welcome home Mia!
This beautiful kitty was abandoned in a dog pound in Maia (near Oporto) and we went went there to get her to live with us. She is the sweetest thing.

Home is where the heart is

This picture was taken soon after J and me mover into this house. It seemed like a nice way to begin this blog. It will be a place to share things I like. Whatever they are. Thats it. Thanks for visiting!