30 June 2013

My new toy

 Learning how to use my latest tool. I expect we will be very good friends in the future.


29 June 2013

Before & after... A bath!

This cat was in desperate need of a bath (little did she know),    

She wasn't too happy about it,

But in the end she enjoyed the refreshing feeling of a wet fur coat (I think)!

28 June 2013

Keep(ing) it simple

Yesterday I sat next to a pile of small stones and made a circle.

Today, while I waited for the bus, I noticed the streets had a yellow tapestry.

To see and to look are two different things :-)

27 June 2013

Summer in the city

High temperatures arrived abruptly. The sidewalks and buildings emanate heat, even in the cool evenings. Summer has arrived. Lemonade is in order :-)

26 June 2013

Inspiration: the best thing I read today... "break the pattern"

"It’s curious how good it feels when you take risks and live. Shoot through the cold wet and count the hail by the red marks on your back. You need to break the pattern to feel truly alive. Yell in the street or go somewhere very unfamiliar. Hug a stranger. Be spontaneous. This is your only life, don’t waste your days." Nirrimi.

24 June 2013

Afternoon walk and ice cream in Cascais


Yesterday's super moon

Yesterday the moon appeared big and bright in the night sky. We watched it rise in the National Observatory, together with lots of people, enjoying the warm summer breeze.
Read more about this super moon here

23 June 2013

Treat of the day: peach porridge with dates and almonds

Everyday life

1 - A bottle of dried rose petals is slowly filling up
2 - Vinyl soundtrack for evening relaxation
3 - A garden in the fire staircase - the best I can do as far as plants are concerned  
4 - Hanging art on walls