29 May 2013

Moments @ home: New things to do, old things found

1 - A strawberry desert to try, soon
2 - Leftover yarn - new projects to come!
3 - A chocolate/cinammon experiment to repeat soon (yum)
4 - A delicious vegetables "Cataplana" made for a dinner with friends (yum yum)
5 - A little Geisha that belonged to my grandmother 
6 - Leggings drying in the bathroom (how the hell is it rainning?)
7 -  A gift from Oman (I transformed 2 braceletes in a necklace)
8 - Origami experiment
9 - New sea treasures on my shelf (from the river beach, in Barreiro)
10 -"Fast Durer" hare, by João Moreno

Inspiration: the best thing I read today... "Giver of gifts"

Giver of gifts,
thank you.
When I was young
and knew nothing,
I asked for the sun.

You gave me a candle
which I put in my pocket,
and now…
a lifetime later,

I found the match.

Before & After: a tray I bought in Mercat del Encants, Barcelona

The only thing I bought in Barcelona, when I went there in March, was this piece (for 4 euros!). I found it in a spanish Flea Market  - the fabulous Mercat des Encants - knowing it requiered a bit of work to make it perfect.
It turned out pretty good, I think. The worst part was getting rid of all the glue underneath the paper! Once that challenge was overcome, I applied a special wax to restore the colour. The red fabric with white dots is a temporary solution, until the wax is completly dry (its still a bit sticky)!

27 May 2013

A BLUE day in Lisbon

LX Factory

I really enjoy going to LX Factory, it feels as if I am in some other country!
This time I fell madly in love with a bike in BI+CA and after browsing around, checking out all the new places, had a late lunch at Café na Fábrica.

26 May 2013

Le Cool guide to Lisbon + breakfast

What better way to start a weekend than with a good breakfast, in good company and a new book?

A visit to Fort Santo António

A wonderful afternoon spent in Fort Santo António, were a friend of mine spent one summer as a child. It was (and still is) owned by the school she attended: Instituto de Odivelas. Today was an open day and we were invited to go and have a look. Magnificente view over the blue-blue sea. We had tea and sandwiches outside, then I got to sit on Salazar's chair and in the end brought home some plants to plant in my balcony!