30 October 2013

Borba III - last day in town

Sunday is a quiet day in this small city. The streets are almost empty, except for the  few (maybe 2) coffee shops were some locals (mostly men) chat and have a glass of wine.


We came back home with the feeling of having spent more than a weekend away (which is a sign that the days were really full and well spent)! 

Borba II - quilts, tomato jam and explorations

Couldn't resist taking a photo of a beautiful vintage handmade quilt (above) and a very unusual table cloth (bellow) made with a similiar technique. I was amazed with the motifs and fabric combination.

An attic with ancient toys here and there, piles of books stacked against the wall,

and a lovely tomato jam for breakfast in good company,

are surely indicators of a great day ahead.

This area of Alentejo is famous for its wine, olive oil and marble - we tried to get inside a quarry, to take some pics, but unfortunately it was closed for the day. Nevertheless the walk through the fields was worthwhile.

Borba I - visual details of a sunny weekend

After a rainy week the sun came out on the weekend, if only to warm up our trip to Borba, were we met family and spend 2 lovely days...

25 October 2013

This and that

1 - Today I got one new scarf and gave two to a friend.

2 - Today I had a hard time finding Mia... guess why?

3 - Today I felll for these two pretty chairs on a garage sale. I didn't buy them but I can't forget them.

20 October 2013

Sunday tea + knitting club

The best program for a Sunday afternoon: tea with friends followed by a knitting session were we shared our (beginers) projects and chatted away unaware of time. 

I baked a vegan pumpkin/cinammon pie (which turned out pretty good) and some chocolate filled cashew mini-muffins. 

My friend R. finished her first sock ever (Its just beautiful) and my friend C. had her very first knitting lesson. So proud of these 'small' acomplishments.