29 November 2011

Walking in the city

* Photos taken by J.

Around the Castle of St. George

Today I ended up walking in the streets around the Castle of St. George’s. 

I love this ancient neighborhood (it is called Santa Cruz do Castelo) with is narrow streets an nice locals, which are either ageing people who have lived there all their lives or young people in love with the area.

The most spectacular viewpoints of Lisbon are here.

As well as some of the most typical neighbourhoods withe their unique details.

(I can't resist taking lots of photos)

As well as really beautiful architecture.

Breakfast outside in the sun / Cat in a basket keeping us company!

If only all mornings could be like this...

A Winter day in Brighton beach

Strong cold wind couldn't prevent us from walking on this beach. The beauty of today's light was enough to keep us going.

* photos were taken by J.

27 November 2011

Weekend with friends

A weekend away from the city, spent with friends at Comporta. A lot of rain but in between we enjoyed sunny bits and beautiful rainbows!

21 November 2011

Yoga weekend in Mafra

A whole weekend away from the city to practice yoga. Lovely place, very good company, good food, quiet nights... 

13 November 2011

Celebrating my mum's birthday in a restaurant Chiado

A family lunch to celebrate my mum's birthday. Yay! We went to the newly opened restaurant SeaMe,  specialized in serving fresh fish and wonderful hot sushi. Delicious thin and crispy fries, magnificent ice-cream (pumpkin, ferrero rocher and caramel), medium-high price...

* photos taken with Hipstamatic on iPhone