21 September 2014

New quilt on the way?

Many small scraps of old and new fabric were found in bags and drawers, waiting to be of use someday. I've started cutting, experimenting endless possibilities and... this might just be the beginning of a new quilt!

15 September 2014

Summer holidays coming to an end

A few days till holidays are officially over and already missing these long, relaxed days where:

1 - a few naps were in order

2 - some chocolate ice cream treats were due, once in a while

3 - important celebrations took place - conveniently lit up with colourful candles

4 - Late breakfasts were eaten outside, in the company of new friends

5 - Gardening activities and new things - like how to keep plants thriving when planted in vases - were learned,

6 - 'Old' games were played with newbies

7 - Crafts were made and taught to new found enthusiasts,

(with a lot of talent, by the way!)

8 - Fruit ('medronhos') was picked up, to eat while enjoying the warm evening country walks,

(as well as white chestnuts, to decorate the house)

---- will try to make the most of these last few days!

3 September 2014

Summer colours

Waking up to a view of GREEN pine tree tops, filing the air with its intense perfume. 

ORANGE coloured sand on the way to the beach. 

Warm BALCK slate under our feet (or paws, in Mia's case). 

Delicious RED roasted tomatoes and fresh bread, both cooked on a wood oven. 

Endless days.

1 September 2014

New addiction: fruit flavoured water

Everyday I have been trying out a new kind of flavoured water. Its a new thing for me, but I think I am becoming addicted to this refreshing new option. I've tried different flavours: lime, rosemary, strawbery and mint, orange, melon... endless (delicious) possibilities.