15 September 2014

Summer holidays coming to an end

A few days till holidays are officially over and already missing these long, relaxed days where:

1 - a few naps were in order

2 - some chocolate ice cream treats were due, once in a while

3 - important celebrations took place - conveniently lit up with colourful candles

4 - Late breakfasts were eaten outside, in the company of new friends

5 - Gardening activities and new things - like how to keep plants thriving when planted in vases - were learned,

6 - 'Old' games were played with newbies

7 - Crafts were made and taught to new found enthusiasts,

(with a lot of talent, by the way!)

8 - Fruit ('medronhos') was picked up, to eat while enjoying the warm evening country walks,

(as well as white chestnuts, to decorate the house)

---- will try to make the most of these last few days!