27 November 2013

Busy days + appreciation of free moments

1 - Last weeks have been really busy, not so much quality time at home. Mia resents this and makes sure I get the message: each day I find her in a new (and odd) place to lounge...

2 - Not a lot of time to cook proper things lately... surviving on what I grab first (I decided this ends today)!

3 - On a weekend evening we went out for dinner and I tasted the best combination ever: "leite de creme" (a sort of custard cream) with fresh strawberries. So good. On my way out spotted a tiny tiny heart on the side walk <3 <3 <3

4 - Every chance I get, I take shortcuts through the city's gardens and parks. These days with low temperatures and bright blue sky make more sense with nature around...  

5 - This week I noticed for the first time a strange-spooky shop on the street where I live. It could be a shop in Harry Potter's Diagon Alley, full of strange old things (it was closed, but I peeked at the window anyway)

15 November 2013

Happy Birthday Mum!

A lovely dinner with family and friends celebrating my mum's birthday. Good moments.

10 November 2013

New wrist warmers in the park

Its not so cold yet. Except if you lay on the grass, reading a book... that's when I trully appreciated my new wrist warmers!

5 November 2013

A walk by the river

Remembering this day, the long walk in the company of friends, the coolness of the river and the pink(ish) sky. A really good day.