27 November 2013

Busy days + appreciation of free moments

1 - Last weeks have been really busy, not so much quality time at home. Mia resents this and makes sure I get the message: each day I find her in a new (and odd) place to lounge...

2 - Not a lot of time to cook proper things lately... surviving on what I grab first (I decided this ends today)!

3 - On a weekend evening we went out for dinner and I tasted the best combination ever: "leite de creme" (a sort of custard cream) with fresh strawberries. So good. On my way out spotted a tiny tiny heart on the side walk <3 <3 <3

4 - Every chance I get, I take shortcuts through the city's gardens and parks. These days with low temperatures and bright blue sky make more sense with nature around...  

5 - This week I noticed for the first time a strange-spooky shop on the street where I live. It could be a shop in Harry Potter's Diagon Alley, full of strange old things (it was closed, but I peeked at the window anyway)