28 September 2013

New-old things

An old embroidery manual from my great-grandmother and a new woolen scarf I'm knitting (my first one ever).

A new-old chair for my desk. Love it.

A new playlist for my walks through the city (autumn mood) and some images cut out from an old calendar -  Rodin's work, too beautiful to throw away.

New lives for old clothes (practising my sewing machine abilities)

Old scraps of paper I've been saving in a box will soon be part of a new project.

Old chair, new tricks from Mia (100 meter hurdles...).

26 September 2013

A new craft project: granny square blanket

My first attempt doing a granny square blanket, following these wonderful instructions. Not quite there yet, but slowly learning. Quite fun to do, though!

25 September 2013

An image a day

A few years ago a good friend of mine offered me a beautiful 'Tibetan book of offerings'. There is  a sentence and a photo for each day. I had it close by for many years but somehow I lost track of were it was and today I found it again. This was the page for today:

In the evening, I tried to organize some of the photos we took while we were on holidays, 

And this was my favorite!

Holidays seem so far away already...

24 September 2013

Socks, porridge and fireplace

This weekend, a newly bought book on crafts inspired me to finish a pair of pink/brown socks started a while ago. The chilly nights up north seemed perfect for the task and reminded me that Autumn is slowly arriving, despite the hot temperatures during the day. 

The fireplace was an unexpected detail to an unusually cold night, it felt strange to spend the day at the beach and the night by the fire! Anyway, we decided to eat in, so I cooked us some porridge with pears and we ate watching a movie.

23 September 2013

Saying goodbye to Summer

Yesterday was the last day of this year's summer.We said goodbye in style with a yummy ice cream,

and went for a walk, crossing the park and noticing the brightness of the summer-sun-light,

continued through the city streets in search of new things to 'see',

hoped on an electric cable car to avoid a steep hill and enjoyed the ride immensely,

met up with friends for a snack in an old favorite place,

(J took a photo of me taking photos of them).

It was a great Summer, yes it was! Hello Autumn!

Whishlist: Liberty blankets

So so pretty (wouldn't mind getting one for myself)! Found here:

20 September 2013

Walking with pink lenses

In yesterday's walk, coming back home, this is what my eyes captured: pink everywhere I looked.


17 September 2013

As days go by I...

've finished knitting these socks made specially for a good friend (for her to use in maybe two months time when winter arrives) and resumed my occasional walks with J, taking photos of a few unusual places.

16 September 2013

Up the hill to Castelo dos Mouros, in Sintra (Sintra's Mourish Castle)

A lovely walk towards Sintra's Mourish Castle in the company of friends was the best Sunday program ever! The freshness of the hills, the greenish landscape, the ripe blueberries (handpicked), and when back to the historic center, a visit to an iconic 'patisserie' called 'Piriquita' to eat the best 'travesseiros' in the whole wide world (a special pastry made with egg custard and puff pastry covered with sugar).