8 September 2013

Back to (my present) reality...

Coming back home after summer holidays is (mostly) good... even when there is so much reorganizing to do, preparing for a new year ahead.

Mia was a great help (as shown bellow) just lying around in the floor because its so so so hot...

Reorganizing meant (amongst many other things) folding again some old linen cloths, towels and napkins to free some space in the drawers (linen made in the old days is so wonderfully thick and rough).

Found a tiny crochet piece I had kept to myself years ago, used by my grandmother to cover the water jug. Love it.

Resumed my walks in this city and found new interesting spots as well as some more beautiful buildings (and their secret gardens).

An Orthodox Church tucked away in a narrow street.

The smell of freshly baked bread lead me to an old bakery and I had to buy a loaf to bring home for tea!

And last, but not least, some window shopping!

Its good to be back :-)