31 July 2013

To read slowly

Approximately one month ago, an amazing bookshop opened inside and old church (that is not a church anymore). This amazing place, located in the city of Óbidos, it is a project called 'Vila Literária' promoted by my all time favorite 'Ler Devagar', a pioneer alternative bookshop in Lisbon. The concept is simple, you're welcome to come in and browse, read, write, chat and only if you want to you'll buy a book. It is a 'place to be'.

30 July 2013

An afternoon in Obidos

We headed off to Obidos in the end of the afternoon, to walk around its beautiful streets and take some pictures, and were surprised to see that a Medieval Fair was starting on that precise day. We didn't go to the Fair this time, but we will go there (again) soon. We just enjoyed watching people walking around in costume, drinking 'ginginha' and browsed through the town's really nice 'second hand bookshop + organic store' --- and that was it: a good end of the day before heading back for a family dinner.

28 July 2013

Ordinary days, good days

1 - Leftover fabric for a new quilt (barely) started months ago
2 - A new way to organize things
3 - Hiding in the closet all day long
4 - Some hours spent in the park (two of my favorite flowers there)
5 - Traditional portuguese blankets
6 - A tropical balcony I saw, somewhere in the city
7 - The new quilt (1) coming together
8 - Playing cards with M. and M. this weekend
9 - Traditional portuguese scarf 

25 July 2013

Up on the hill, where the castle is

A wonderful end of the day with friends, walking up towards the castle (were we couldn't get in because I forgot my ID...). Nice wine and tomato cheese toasts topped up with really nice conversation in one of my all time favorite place in this city. In this time of the year, because the days are so long (sunset is around 9 p.m.), these late afternoons have a holiday feeling. Let's it repeat soon.

24 July 2013

Spur of the moment: sailing in Seixal

An unexpected afternoon sailing event led us to Seixal, to board a "varino"boat (a typically portuguese sailing boat) with a group of Urban Sketchers. The Captain and the crew were really nice and the boat was awesome - built in the early 1900 and very well kept. A good surprise in the middle of a working week.