4 June 2013

Lisbon Book Fair this year

Every year the begining of the Lisbon Book Fair is a sign that Summer is here, and the weather seems to agree with me because finally its warm enough! The fair takes place in Parque Eduardo VII, right in the center of the city.

I love walking around the fair, browsing books, meeting friends and sometimes bringing home a bargain book I had been wanting for a while - it makes my day! 
As for João, he likes to take his time sketching something or someone - as always! 

I have to go there again because this time it was a short visit - with the concert and all... - and I didn't browse almost any stalls (no new books for the holidays, yet).

The fair has diferent music events going on in the evenings. This time we were invited to join some friends and enjoy really nice Cape-Verdean music - a concert organized by Out of the Blue!

Finally, and although João didn't illustrate any books this year, we searched the stalls to see if we could find any of his previously illustrated books and found this and this (top shelve, left hand side)!