9 June 2013

Rainy weekend in S. Martinho do Porto

Inspite the weather, the temperature in S. Martinho was mild enough for long walks. The misty weather has its magic:

This time of the year, the "Santos Populares" (Popular Saints) are celebrated in many areas of the country, and here is no exception. Every year a street market is on and I love to see the main street full of color (it was a lot less crowded than in the previous years when the sunny weather was more inviting for such outings).

Cool weather is also nice because it gives us the chance to enjoy a nice warm fireplace and this time we combined this 'unexpected source of heat' (considering we are nearly in summer) with the pleasure of eating the first cherries of the year (such an unusual combination)...

 Mia came along and had loads of fun running up and down the stairs all day long (cats are crazy)!