6 June 2013

Walking in Alfama

1 - Decorations for the "Santos Populares" (popular saints) is taken very seriously around here.
2 - Gorgeous tiles combine perfectly with the pinkish door
3 - A bench on the street made with a recycled door
4 - Sardines everywhere - this is the portuguese typical dish of the season. Even Saint Anthony is inside a sardine can... what else is there to invent?
5 - A window with a view to Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, where the oldest fountain of Lisbon is.
6 - Mail delivered right at your door. No mailbox needed!
7 - Nice "Tasca" (a typical pub, tavern) with yellow benches, to sit, chat and have a glass of red wine.
8 - Antique german dolls for sale in a shop/studio of a local ceramist.
9 - Restaurant "Maritima das colunas" has the nicest waiters and lovely food.
10 - Beautiful golden light just before sunset.