3 June 2013

Sushi School and Kimchi Workshop on a hot summer day!

A newly opened place to eat sushi in Amoreiras Plaza, called Sushi School introduces a new concept of eating/learning: the sushi-chefs are teaching their pupils behind the counter. The pupils actually make the sushi, while the customers choose within the varieties available on that day. This means eating for a lower cost than in most sushi places. Very nice place. Good sushi. Delicious sesame ice cream with fresh strawberry and almonds.

In the end of the meal you are asked to rate your meal, the staff, the value for money and the place - they have a huge blackboard on your way out to express your opinion and to see everyone else's!

Summer seems to have finally arrived here in Lisbon! The days are hot and the evenings are deliciously warm and inviting to stay outside. The Book Fair (Feira do Livro) has started again and this weekend we tried going there after lunch but were unprepared for how hot it was, so we'll go again in one of these mild evenings... More on this soon :-)

Today, in the end of the afternoon I went to a free workshop in Museu do Oriente, to learn how to do Kimchi. Never heard of it? Well, its a Korean food, a sort of fermented combination of vegetables and spices. Quite easy to prepare and utterly good for you. Here is a simple Kimchi recipe
I tried to do this by myself and something went terribly wrong because the mixture got mold...
Now I think I've got it, so will try it again soon and share the many recipes given to us by the Korean ambassador at the workshop!