30 March 2013

Remembering Sussex: lunch @ farm coffeeshop and fluffly sheep

As I was browsing through our summer holidays photos, I came across these and remembered a wonderful day spent in the East Sussex area, in England, as we were visiting some very good friends.
It was lunch time when we arrived at the farm shop, drawn inside by the amazing smell of homecooked pastries. Our noses were quite right and of course we couldn't resist to try some of them!

We had veggie pastries straight out of the oven, with potato salad and also tomato and spinach salad.

It turns out we couldn't resist desert, and so I ate a delicious raspberry sponge cake (one of my favorite english cakes)...

... and J had a marvelous chocolate brownie!

We then, took a digestive walk through the barns, where all the sheep (and baby sheep) seemed happy and healthy.

Mummy-sheep wasn't so happy when I got too close to her babies to take a picture...