7 August 2013

A morning in Bairro Alto and a Hare Krishna lunch

Everytime I go for a walk in Bairro Alto I find a new thing/place I had never noticed before. This time was no exception and this tiny window with a huge amount of clothes piled up caught my eye. when I looked closer I noticed a sewing machine being guarded by a green-eyed-cat - who did his best to ignore me while I was doing my best to be friendly and have him look at me for a photo!

Then I met up with J for lunch in the Hare Krishna Center, were they have a really really nice (veggie) restaurant with a lovely and quiet pateo. It was a first time for J and we both thought the meal was delicious (black bean burgers, basmati rice, lentil curry and beet salad). Loved everything.

I also went to Retrosaria Rosa Pomar to buy a book and, as always, was tempted by loads of new things...