14 August 2013

Brazil I - Arrival in Paraná

Yes, we are now in Brazil, in the south of the country. Its winter here now, but a mild one.
On our first day we walked around the city and saw many buildings resembling portuguese architecture from 1920/30. 

We then found a unique shop that sells everything you can imagine for any type of religion or cult.
Huge and packed with all kinds of saints, special potions, and all sorts of things we had never seen before.

On the streets, packed with all sorts of shops, you can also find tons of street vendors selling all kinds of different things to eat.

This region has a huge Dutch comunity and one of its churches is known as the 'Dutch Church'. It has a medium sized room, on the side, were devotees light their candles - there were so many of them lit that the effect was quite impressive (the photos don't do it justice)

We had 2 delicious fruit juices - açaí and coconut - and a vegetable pie for lunch in a small cofeeshop ('lanchonete') overlooking the busy main street.