18 April 2013

Recently enjoyed things

1 - Giving a new life to an old cabinet (before it was painted black)
2 - Watching an indoor cat enjoy a day outside, hypnotized by the amount of birds and bugs...
3 - Folding clean laundry,storing it in the closet and watching how tidy it looks now
4 - Making a new pair of socks with beautiful wool (this one)
5 - Receiving a present by mail (thank you!)
6 - Buying irresistible masking tape and storing it in a jar
7 - Finding a medium sized box to save and recycle bits of things (paper, fabric, string, etc)
8 - Receiving a beautiful handmade candle made by a friend (you can order them here)
9 - Re-decorating the wall in front of my work table at home with things I like